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Last week there were rumors of a possible postponement of the new iMac. The reason they were supposed to be late was production problems due to the complicated design so the rollout should have started next year. But it looks like Apple has something else in mind and they do not want to have any delays in any case.

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Although not surprising in the least, there are numerous articles expressing concern and shock at the fact that Sharp, a supplier of display panels to Apple, is having a rough time keeping its commitments. Wed talked about some of the moves Sharp has taken in the past few months to keep investors happy; including actually giving details on the production cycle dates. This is something that in the past (under Steve Jobs) would never have happened. Now with Cook at the reins things are different and many companies that are facing financial troubles are using their connection to Apple as a flag to either entice investors or to keep them.

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Thursday, 03 May 2012 11:45

Asus Blames Qualcomm for Delay on Padfone

P_500-introFour days ago we talked about Asus and their awesome ability to design hardware that people really do want, but the issues they seem to have with getting those products to market (and maintaining supply). We specifically called out the Padfone that was shown off as a concept in 2009, actually domed in 2010, and officially launched mid-2011. This product that many are asking for has yet to see a paying customer’s hands and now we are hearing that there are supply issues with the Qualcomm SoC that is under the hood.

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