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Tim Cook expects big things to happen in 2014

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook has sent a lengthy letter to all company's employees in which he presented plans for 2014 and reflected on the successes in the 2013. In addition to the launch of the new iPhone, iOS 7, and two new versions of the iPad, Cook points out that he is particularly proud of the fact that they have started shipping the Mac Pro, which is manufactured in the United States, to be more precise, in Austin, Texas. They also recorded 50 Billionth application download from the AppStore this year, which the company also considered as an extremely great achievement.

Large donations and the activities in humanitarian actions are also mentioned, where they collected and donated tens of millions of dollars for typhoon victims in the Philippines. There is also the foundation Product (RED) which is Apple's largest member and donor, which fights AIDS in Africa.

In the coming year Apple has very ambitious plans „that customers will love“ Cook said, not revealing many details. We know that Apple is working on several new product lines for the 2014 and the years that will follow, such as smart watch, television, as well as larger iPad and an iPhone. What will all of these innovations reach to the market in the next 12 months , remains to be seen .

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