Wednesday29 March 2023

Time has come for GeForce GTX 760

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During the next week, Nvidia will officially introduce another video card from GeForce 700 series. Now the time has come for GeForce GTX 760 (without Titanium labels), and the last unofficial information suggests somewhat different specifications than we previously expected.

GTX 760 should be based on the GK104 chip from the GTX 660 for the OEM segment (GK104-225), not a variant of the GTX 670 (GK104-325) that has so far been assumed. The above means that the card will have 1152 CUDA cores and 96 TMU and 32 ROP units, while the prior information pointed to 1,344 cores and 112 texture units.

But unlike the GeForce GTX 660, GTX 760 will have 256-bit memory interface and 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at effective clock of 7 GHz, sufficient for decent bandwidth of 224 GB/s (660 has 134 GB/s). Plenty of high reference clocks are also being mentioned (base 1,072 MHz, Boosted to 1,111 MHz) and the need for two 6-pin power connectors. Expected recommended price for GeForce GTX 760 card is 299 dollars, but for the official confirmation of pricing and specifications we should wait another week.

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