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No new announcements from Bethesda

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Pete Hines from Bethesda Softworks for the portal Polygon discovered that for now we should not expect any news on the next project from Bethesda Game Studios. Hines explains that their main development department is not dedicated for publishing new versions of their titles every year, but that does not mean that gamers will have to wait six or seven years for the new one.

Todd Howard and the rest of Bethesda Game Studios are currently working on the single player of for now a mysterious project and are in no way related to the development MMO Elder Scrolls Online, which is under the auspices of the Department of Zenimax Online Studios. Pete Hines revelaed that the next project made by Howard and the rest of the development team will definitely not be a disappointment.

For the current project, Bethesda Game Studios has so far only confirmed that it is in no way related to Skyrim, but for now it is not clear whether it is eagerly expected Fallout 4 or something else.

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