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Welcome to,

This site represents almost 10 years of work in the technical press arena. I have worked on more than my share of sites and have worked with some of the best in the industry. However, I began to notice that everything continues to be a rush. Content is king; if you can’t get the post or review up first, no one is interested.

The problem there is that all you end up with are numbers and very little substance. This is not to say the numbers are not useful or informative. It is just that numbers and scripted tests are not everything.

I started DecryptedTech to present you, the reader, with as much information as I can. It is true that I cannot run every app or test, but I will run industry standard software from as many realms as fit a particular component. Our testing will be a blend of synthetic and real-world performance. This combined with analysis and real use information will help to give the most comprehensive evaluation of any product we get into the lab.

So to wrap up, welcome to the site; we hope you enjoy your time here.

Sean Kalinich  "Ath"


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