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When will they learn; when it comes to Anonymous there are no leaders

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Today I read some very interesting news. According to a few news outlets the Australian Federal Police have arrested another “leader” of the group formerly known as LulzSec. This would make the 2nd top dog of the Anonymous splinter group to have been taken in by authorities. So the question is; who is the real LulzSec leader? Is it Hector Monsegur (Sabu) who was caught in New York and turned informant for the FBI to avoid a lot of jail time or is it 24 year old Mathew Trevor Flannery who went by the name Aush0k?

Our guess is neither, let’s face it Anonymous is not a group that has a leader. It is a collective of people that fight as often as they work together. Splinter groups like LulzSec might have someone that has more influence than others, but rarely is there a real leader. Anyone that claims they are the leader is probably not and will end up getting caught and quickly. Someone that needs to claim something like that is looking to stoke their ego by putting out this type of claim and this type of ego stoking does not really fit the profile of someone that would be able to control a group of “hackers”.  

We are guessing that the authorities know this as well, but in order to look good and also in a vain attempt to discourage others they put out the inane releases claiming that they have caught the “leaders”. All it does is make the authorities look foolish and, well to be honest incompetent. A byproduct of this is that the news outlets parroting the same thing end up looking rather foolish as well. In the end LulzSec is not a group, association, organization or anything. It is a name and an idea no matter what individuals make up its “members” lulzSec much like the larger collective Anonymous is not going to go away no matter how many people are arrested and associated with their activities. The authorities will probably never learn this as they are not used to fighting this type of battle on this scale. No matter how many “leaders” they catch there is always another one there to start bragging online just to get an ego fix while the real people pulling the strings are probably still somewhere lurking in the shadows.

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