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Today I read some very interesting news. According to a few news outlets the Australian Federal Police have arrested another “leader” of the group formerly known as LulzSec. This would make the 2nd top dog of the Anonymous splinter group to have been taken in by authorities. So the question is; who is the real LulzSec leader? Is it Hector Monsegur (Sabu) who was caught in New York and turned informant for the FBI to avoid a lot of jail time or is it 24 year old Mathew Trevor Flannery who went by the name Aush0k?

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 07:06

Stratfor Breach shows a much larger issue

broken-lockWhen we first started following the collective that is called Anonymous we noted that there would come a time when any breach or hack would be thrown at their feet. This has now started to happen as the media (who has never really understood the situation) attempts to appear informed on the social hacking that is taking place in the world today. On December 25th the group AntiSec (a group formerly part of Anonymous) hacked into the Strategic Forecasting Website and the servers behind it.

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Friday, 23 December 2011 22:44

The Anti-SOPA movement just keeps on growing

un-censorship-InternetDespite being delayed until sometime next year the vote on SOPA is still fresh in many people’s minds. Just recently GoDaddy came under fire for their support of the bill. One of their primary accounts (Cheezburger, the group behind I Can Haz Cheezburger) has threatened to pull its 1000+ domains if GoDaddy does not stop its support of the SOPA Bill.GoDaddy has now officially pulled their support (go figure) for SOPA.

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anonAfter going back and forth with on an Op that would have resulted in the release of information on a very violent drug cartel, members of the collective Anonymous have called off their planned OpCartel. They had originally meant to go after this group and release information on members, corrupt police and judges as well as other people that are affiliated with the group (although at the time it was not an official Op yet). Their plans came crashing to a halt when one of their members was kidnapped by the Zetas Drug Cartel.

This incident caused the wavering back and forth as some members wanted to push forward and others were (rightfully) concerned that the kidnapped person would be injured or killed. In the end they decided to move forward and made an announcement that they would release all of the information they had gathered if the kidnapped person was not released.

Earlier today the members of the collective announced that the Anon member had been freed that while he was bruised, he is safe now. In an odd turn the Zeta Cartel released not only the kidnapped member, but also a statement saying that for every name that Anonymous releases that is related to the Cartel they will kill 10 people.

The Zeta Cartel is known as one of the most violent and is also apparently the most technologically savvy groups out there.  We have a feeling that while Anonymous does not want to see any innocent blood shed, they will not be leaving the Zetas alone completely. After all, anyone that connects a computer to the internet is at risk from intrusion and they have money and investments in banks that are also vulnerable.  I wonder how long it will take before some of those accounts start having balance errors…

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