Sunday05 February 2023

HTC puts all their hopes in One M8

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Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2014. The report says that the trend of falling income and accumulating losses continued. The total income of the company from January to March this year amounted to one billion U.S. dollars, while they recorded a loss of 62 million USD.

But not everything is grim. Looking on a monthly basis, March this year marked a kind of turning point as they terminated a 28-month serie of revenues decline. As a result of the launch of the new flagship model M8 One at the end of March, the company's revenues grew by 2.16 % compared to March last year.

The HTC put their hopes that with the good sales performance of this mobile phone company can go back to the old way of glory and profitability when they were the third largest manufacturer in the world. With the return to that place, they could be a worthy rival to Apple and Samsung, and it is expected that the HTC in the coming months will invest a lot of effort and funds into marketing to further promote One M8 model.

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