Wednesday29 March 2023

Is Netflix out of touch?

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NertflixWe have heard that Netflix is changing their pricing in September. We suspected as much after they screwed up their authorization algorithm a few weeks before and kicked all of the Media Center PCs and a few Boxiees out for a few days. The new setup allows them better control and monitoring over their clients who chose to stream content and also provides for better protection against copying the video stream when using a Windows Media Center PC.  Of course our initial belief that Netflix was going to begin charging more for people with extended capabilities (like Media Center) did not emerge we still think that Netflix may have had this in mind.

However, when the problem got out and people began to speculate about price changes the competition stepped up. Granted none of them are close to what you can get with Netflix but there are a few that if combined can certainly give Netflix a run for their money. Some of these are even free services and are leading many to jump the Netflix ship. Then you have aggregation services like GlideTV who can help you find that one show and the service it is offered on (along with a nice wireless touch pad).  Added to Netflix’s headaches is the removal of all of Sony’s movies from their library while Sony launches their own media service.  

No, the love affair with Netflix is certainly rocky right now and there is no end of suitors lining up to court the media crazed masses. Even Wal-Mart is coming out of retirement to run back into the ring. Netflix does not seem to realize how fickle the consumer population is, especially the internet generation. Netflix had better do something fast or they run the risk of hemorrhaging more customers and let’s face it… that means money.

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