Cooler Master LGA2011 Bracket Free Upgrade Program

Cooler Master LGA2011 Bracket Free Upgrade Program

Cooler Master LGA2011 Bracket Free Upgrade Program

Chino, California – November 4th, 2011 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today extends its support for its customers. As was previously announced, Cooler Master is providing a free bracket to support LGA2011 on the Hyper 212 EVO. This will now be extended to one of Cooler Master’s best-selling CPU Coolers. Loyal owners of the award-winning Hyper 212 Plus need not worry as this offer covers the Hyper 212 Plus as well.

Support will continue to grow for other Cooler Master CPU Coolers. To be notified when new CPU Coolers brackets are available through this program or CM Store, please sign up for the Cooler Master Newsletter.

To Obtain a Bracket Upgrade:

A free LGA2011 bracket will be provided to those that purchased a Hyper 212 EVO/Plus before the inclusion of this bracket in the product packaging.
  • Visit our parts request page here
  • Be ready to provide one of the following options*:
    • Heatsink serial number and an invoice for a LGA2011 motherboard or processor
    • Heatsink serial number and a picture of your new LGA2011 motherboard or processor
Click here for more details.

About Cooler Master
Cooler Master was founded in 1992 to provide the world’s best thermal solutions. Since its establishment, the company continues to invest in product development to provide leading-edge innovations. Cooler Master’s line-up includes heat sinks, fans, chassis, power supplies and computing accessories. Headquartered in Taiwan with branch offices located across Europe, America and APAC, Cooler Master offers unsurpassed service to our customers. For more information on Cooler Master, please visit

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