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Friday, 29 November 2013 19:11

Nadella or Mulally to become Microsoft's next CEO

According to the findings of Bloomberg, the committee which is selecting a new Microsoft's CEO is close to a final decision. The choice is narrowed and as the most likely candidates are mentioned Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella.

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Friday, 15 November 2013 06:39

Snapchat turns down Facebook once again

According to information from the Wall Street Journal, Snapchat once again rejected Facebook's bid. Although this time they offered three times higher price, it did not make any difference.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013 09:14

HTC closes their factory in Taoyuan City

Reuters reporter who visited this week HTC's factory in Taiwanese Taoyuan City faced a closed door of one of the production lines and the official notification that the drive is not in operation.

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Monday, 22 July 2013 22:04

Reorganization at HTC


Due to disappointing sales and financial results of the company, HTC decided to reconstruct its business. A new department was founded, headed by Mike Woodward, whose task will be to create innovative new products and the establishment of a new global strategy for the distribution of HTC's products. The Department was established in order to prevent departures of quality employees such as CEO for Asian market, Lennard Hoornik, Vice President of Global Market Greg Fisher, head of production Kouji Kodera and vice president of global communications Jason Gordan.

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Monday, 12 November 2012 20:45

Blackberry 10 coming in January

blackberry 10

Canadian RIM has finally announced the official launch date of the new platform BlackBerry 10. The company's CEO, Thorsten Heins, in a press release announced that the official presentation of BlackBerry 10 will take place at an event scheduled for the 30th of January next year (2013).

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Monday, 22 October 2012 21:54

The 500 Lb Search Engine Gorilla

Question Mark

Everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine around. Its role as such is so prolific that people no longer 'search' for information on line, they 'google' it. It has become a verb; a regular household name. But just how BIG is Google?

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Monday, 22 October 2012 21:37

Yahoo above expectation in third quarter

marissa mayer

This was the first full quarter for Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Mayer and she has already achieved great results.  The company made $1.2 billion GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles), which is just one percent lower than the third quarter in 2012 when they made $1.217 billion. Now you are wondering how that is good; the thing is in Yahoo they like to look at non-GAAP revenues, in which they improved from $1.081 billion in the second quarter to $1.089 billion in the third. This number is excluding traffic acquisition costs and they are the main reason why they are satisfied.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012 15:48

Bad news for Sony workers


Sony has taken another punch from the world crisis.  Today they announced they are planning to lay off around 2,000 workers by the end of the year. They will reduce the workforce in their Tokyo headquarters by 20%, and another 20% will be released from their Home Entertainment and Sound Business Group. This is the part of ongoing process Sony started earlier when they announced they will reduce 6% of their overall workforce.

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i_heart_apu_stackedAMD has some sun in its future after a very disappointing quarterly announcement. It seems that Trinity and Brazos 2.0 are already in the channel which means we should see products with these two APUs in them very soon (as soon as May 15th by some reports). AMD’s APUs have been a solid seller for AMD while many of their more regular desktop CPUs are left on the shelves. We covered some of the new features in Trinity while we were at CES this year and we can say that for a low power processor they have some pretty solid performance.

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