Monday15 August 2022

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If you have been into gaming for a long (VERY long) time you might remember two games that kicked off the first person shooter craze; Doom and Castle Wolfenstein. Between these two games a genre and gaming style was kicked off. Both games have also enjoyed success with different releases as graphics technology and other development tools have improved over the years although we have seen more from the Doom horde than we have from the mutants at the Castle.

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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 20:36

Fingerprint identification on the smartphones


Alleged iPhone 5S and LG G2 reportedly will recognize what are supposed to be greasy fingerprints, which like it or not, we leave on smartphones every day. Engineers from many companies have been thinking for quite some time about the grease we leave in a form of fingerprints, and how can they make something useful for mobile devices  from it, and now apparently they all came up with a solution at the same time.

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