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A5XThere are more claims showing that the “New” iPad is more powerful than the Tegra 3. This time they are using some very interesting evidence to show this off. One site in question is claiming that they are able to calculate the difference using the benchmarks from the iPad2. Now some of you might be thinking that this could be true since the iPad and the “new” iPad share the same base GPU core. Both have Power VR SGX 543 GPUs inside. The iPad 2 had a dual core SGX 543MP2 and the New iPad has the quad-core SGX 543MP4.

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steve-jobs-think-different-1024x768Momentum is an amazing thing. When an object or company has it, it can seem like nothing can slow it down and indeed is can be hard to stop something that has built up momentum. For example, Apple has had a massive movement behind their company and products their momentum had built up over years of careful marketing and catchy products. To many analysts it seemed like nothing could stop Apple. However; when you are driving along passing cars with ease and you suddenly shift from fifth into third you will quickly find out how much of a bad day you are going to have and how easy it is to lose that momentum.

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introAfter being impressed with the House of Marley’s Redemption Song On-Ear headphones we have now spent some time with their Zion In-Ear head phones. These follow in the same style as the Redemption Song headphones and are made of recycled or renewable materials. They also follow in the trend of being tuned for high quality sound and are designed for use with Apple’s lineup of products (iPad, iPod, iPhone) but will work with just about any media player or smart phone (with a few exceptions). With a price tag of $99.99 we are hoping that these headphones give us the same level of performance that we saw with the Redemption Song. Follow the bouncing ball and sing along as we tell your just how well they perform.


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73Someone over at Proview in China has been doing some thinking and is now fighting Apple in a very interesting manner. Unless you have been living under a rock you are probably aware that Pro View and Apple are in a trademark battle over the iPad name in China. The back story is a little long, but if you are interested in the whole thing you can read it here, here, and here. For the rest of you it is important to know that Apple used a special group to hide their identity from Proview during the negotiations for the iPad trademark. The company’s name was IP Application Development Limited.

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pp-for-ipad02After our initial report of an Office suite from Microsoft developed for Apple’s iPad it seems the company is trying very hard to deny the rumors and speculation, while at the same time leaving their options open.  What is the real story? We are not entirely sure, but we are convinced that something is going on that will allow Office functionality on the iPad and other tablets in the works.

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pp-for-ipadWhen the iPad and indeed most tablets started to make an impact on the market there was one item that we talked about that was seriously overlooked and indeed is one of the things that is still lacking on in the ARM based tablet world. This is a productivity suite that is compatible with Microsoft’s Office (the unrecognized standard in productivity suites). Now some of you will argue about Open Office, Polaris office and the Apple fans will talk about Apple’s suite of products for the iPad (Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are currently the best out there). The problem is that no matter how much you dislike Microsoft it is a simple fact that it is the most commonly used office productivity suite out there.

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73It seems that the press feels that Apple has won the war with Proview in China. There is much crowing about how Apple rightfully owns the trademark for the iPad in all countries including China. There is even a lengthy court document over at “AllThingsD” that covers it. There is, as there always is, a problem though. So many people are concerned with the aggressive tone of the judge that they are missing one very crucial fact.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 07:56

Apple's iPad could be banned from Export in China

animal_farm-pigsApple has been playing a dangerous game for some time now. They have been filing ambiguous patents and copyrights in the hopes that they can protect their mobile devices. For the most part this strategy was working just fine for Apple until a few Judges began to notice a pattern of suppression in their efforts. That was a turning point in Apple legal battles against companies like Samsung, HTC and others in the Android family. Now, however, Apple is facing something they never expected; a smaller corporation is fighting for the copyright they already have on the iPad.

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14621rotten_appleApple has announced that they are going to have the Fair Labor Association begin inspecting their factories beginning this month. The move comes after public outcry and much bad press over working conditions at the Foxconn factories where Apple’s products are manufactured. The question that begs to be asked now is; why does Apple need to bring in the FLA if they have been monitoring and are aware of the situation at these factories?

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Friday, 30 December 2011 07:01

Studio C iPad2 Quilted Cover Review

cover01I have long wished for a perfect iPad 2 case, one that was equal parts pretty and useful. My first iPad came with Apple's no-nonsense black neoprene case, and for the money (free to me!) it was perfect. When I handed it down and upgraded to this iPad 2, I also picked up a Smart Cover and Belkin protective back cover. For the next five months I lived in fear of catching a door jam or counter top with a corner of my beautiful new iPad. I've truly been as careful with this thing as I ever was with my newborns' noggins. As pretty and slick and thin as the cover combo I'd created was, it kept me on edge until I was clutching it with two hands whenever I moved with it.  

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