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According to MacGeneration's sources, Apple will introduce a refreshed MacBook Air next week. Both editions of notebook will be refreshed - with diagonals of 11 and 13 inches.

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Friday, 02 November 2012 22:50

Apple's iPad Mini uses... Samsung parts?

iPad Mini X

Often times consumers are duped into the allure of Apple on the grounds that they are supposedly getting superior product. There is an assumption that because it is an “Apple” product, rather than Android or any other competitor, it is made out of superior parts. What if customers found out that the differences between these products are really only skin deep?

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A700As we reported not all that long ago the days of the 1920x1200 ARM based tablets are quickly approaching. There was a time when the market viewed the tablet as a low resolution device and indeed many had the same or lower resolution as your typical smart phone. This was odd considering the one of the biggest benefits to a tablet it more screen real estate. However even after the launch of the iPad we saw signs that touch panel technology was scrambling to get ahead of the game.

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tim_cook_0115Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference took place today and with it came a flood of news articles about what Apple said today. Many of these were off the deep end as if what Apple was saying was music of unearthly quality. We did not attend (and were not invited anyway), but have been reading some of what is being pushed out to the Internet. What we have noticed in the video, articles and live feeds is something that we have talked about time and time again. Apple is not the same company as it was with Steve Jobs.

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win8logoredesignedIf there is one constant in the world or IT (in indeed the world) it is change. I remember learning that back in physics class many, many years ago. Change is not stoppable it is not something that you can run from and it is a law that seems to be the driving force behind so much. Where am I going with all of this? Well I talking about the way the consumer electronic markets and the PC markets are moving. When I first started tinkering around with hardware resolutions were laughable compared to what your average smartphone can pull off. I am talking about 192 x 160 with 8-bit color and this was considered cutting edge!

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