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Facebook is removing another privacy feature from their social networking site. For a number of years users have been able to hide themselves on Facebook from people looking for them with a simple checkbox. Starting today users that had previously hidden themselves from search will no longer have that protection. This does not mean that all of posts are visible if someone does go looking for you, but you will no longer have that invisibility like you did before.

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facebook money

When Facebook decided to go public we had a feeling that is was a very ill-conceived idea and that their tendency to do things that their users and lawmakers do not like would come back to hurt them. On the days leading up to the IPO there was a flurry of activity while people tried to get stock that they felt was going to be a goldmine similar to Microsoft or even Apple. On the other hand there were a few more level headed people that remembered the secretive way Facebook does things and knew that it was only a matter of time before the stock tanked.

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facebook_moneyWhen the movie “The Social Network” came out it depicted Mark Zuckerberg as a person with, let’s say, control issues. Both Zuckerberg and Facebook tried to play this down and say that he was and is not really like that. The problem is that time and time again the corporate personality injected into Facebook by Zuckerberg keeps rearing its massively ugly head.

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 08:56

Facebook is moving Pages to Timeline on March 30th

Facebook_logoWell we knew it was just a matter of time before this happened, but it looks like Facebook was intent on forcing the Timeline view on everyone. We opened up the DecryptedTech page this morning and were greeted with a new message telling us that Facebook was moving to a new page type on March 30th and that we could preview it now.

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 06:39

Facebook Issues not an Anon DOS after all

anonYesterday there was a minor buzz around the internet claiming that Anonymous had gone after face book with a DOS (Denial of Service) attack. However, now that the morning has come Facebook is claiming that there was no attack. The two nagging items on this are a twitter post from the group AnonSec and an anomaly in the responsiveness of the Facebook API during the day (and overnight).

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