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After it was revealed that Alex Kibkalo from Microsoft leaked confidential information about new Microsoft products to a French blogger, who tried to check the veracity of the data by sending an inquiry to Microsoft, express investigation followed that resulted in Alex's arrest.

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Former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo was arrested in Seattle on charges that he is guilty of leaking the various versions of Windows to public before their official publication. During the development of Windows 7 and 8 it was fairly common for screenshots or portions of the source code to leak to the Internet , and often they even appeared as a complete copies of the operating system along with the activation key. One of the culprits for this is the aforementioned Kibkalo.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012 12:17

Judge Says; You Cannot Steal Code...

73A recent decision in an appeals court could have disastrous effects on Intellectual Property rights holders in the US and possibly around the globe. Not all that long ago a software developer grabbed a chunk of code from Goldman Sachs as he was on his way out of the door. The code related to a high=speed trading application that Goldman Sachs uses for business. The firm immediately went after the programmer (Sergey Aleynikov) and he was convicted under the National Stolen Property Act.

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