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steve-jobs-think-differen-maybeYou know there is nothing better than seeing a company mythology fall apart, especially if that mythology is one that has perpetuated a lie and became part of a much larger campaign intended to mislead consumers. Yes we are talking about Apple here, but you probably already knew that. The part of the mythology in question here is the falsehood that Apple has to invent everything and then the rest of the tech world copies them.

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windows-phone-7Last year when Microsoft handed Nokia a very large check to help them promote Windows Phone, we joked about it wondering if Steve Ballmer really expected to see any of that money back. It was the type of moment when you can almost see the writing on the wall (that Nokia was in trouble). Nokia at the time was having financial problems and had even been blocked from transporting some of their gear out of one country they still owed money to. Microsoft saw this as an opportunity to get in with a phone company on the ground and partner with them directly. Nokia was not in any direct legal battles with Apple so there was not any worry that Apple could directly affect imports or sales of the products. Things were looking good.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 21:36

Will Windows 8 for ARM have any impact?

untitledSo Microsoft is talking up their ARM based version of Windows 8 again. This is the operating system that some think will supplant both Android and iOS. Until a few weeks ago I actually felt the same way, unfortunately unless Microsoft makes some rather drastic changes to their policy I think they are going to miss the boat once again.

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