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Monday, 15 October 2012 20:10

Sprint Users, Rejoice!

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Sprint has been purchased by the Japanese firm Softbank, as announced in a joint press meeting with the CEOs of both companies. Softbank will be purchasing 70% of the shares of Sprint for the staggering sum of $20.1 Billion dollars. This large chunk of change will directly revitalize Sprint, the underdog, when compared to Verizon or AT&T. Softbank, one of the larger mobile communication firms in Japan will gain access to the American market, which is less mature than the Japanese mobile market.

Sprint, and by proxy, its users, stand to gain substantially from this deal in the foreseeable future. Sprint will have billions of dollars to expand its infrastructure, fill in coverage gaps, and bolster its 4G network to help it compete directly with AT&T and Verizon. All this competition is nothing short of wonderful for Sprint subscribers. Shares of Sprint's interest, Clearwire, have surged in light of this news. On top of all of this, Sprint will be owned by one of the most successful mobile companies in the world, and that can't hurt things either.

[Ed - Softbank has picked up 70% of Spring but not the whole company, unfortunately with a controlling interest Sprint is still under direct control of Softbank. We do hope that the purchase will benefit Sprint users and not adversly affect them as we have seen in the past with aquisitions like this.]

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