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CES 2015 Las Vegas, NV Diamond Suite at the Mirage
When we stopped by Diamond at the Mirage we expected to see some pretty cool stuff including one or two new graphics cards. However, there were no graphics cards to be seen in the suite at all. We were told that this was because AMD had nothing new to show and Diamond did not see any reason to show products that were already well known. That did not mean that things were boring, instead we saw some pretty cool devices that, while not the most exciting, really did make a lot of sense.

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The PC Gaming market has not short supply of great gaming mice. There are so many these days that someone could get lost looking through them all. You can even go so far as to choose a mouse that works for the particular game type that you like. The problem is that once you get this great mouse home you might have to run it across a surface that is… less that optimal. Here in the mouse pad vertical there are a number of products, but not all are suited to gaming and not all fill fit every gaming style. Today we are looking at a pair of mouse pads that can offer you either precision or speed.  These are part of Kingston’s new dive into the peripheral market and are call HyperX Skyn. Let’s see what they have for us.

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One of the first models that proved that mechanical keyboards don't have to be ugly was without a doubt Das Keyboard. These days they announced the availability of the fourth generation of their keyboards.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014 15:36

Gamerstorm Lucifer CPU Cooler Review

CPU cooling one of the prime considerations in any build.  Once a new system builder decides if they’re going to use air or water for the purpose the next step is usually research.  If they’re smart they’ll look at reviews online, from both tech sites like ours and from actual users on sites like Newegg and Amazon to learn what they need to know about the specifics of a potential cooler.  They’ll most likely start with the names that most of us in the game know already, names like Noctua, Cooler Master, Zalman and Prolimatech.  These are all great names in the business and they’ve gotten that way for a reason.  I’ve had the privilege of testing coolers from all of these companies and I was impressed with them all, but once in a while a company comes along that I’ve never heard of and offers their product for testing.

I was recently offered the chance to put the Gamerstorm Lucifer CPU cooler from Deepcool through our torture test.  I had heard of Deepcool but rarely, and never with any fanfare. It turns out they’re a huge name in the business that is only now coming into the U.S. market.  I gladly agreed to abuse their cooler and show you guys the results. First, let’s take a look at the cooler.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 21:22

New speakers from Sony


Sony at IFA introduced a series of speakers customized for different occasions. Portable wireless speaker SRS-BTS50 can be connected with devices such as smart mobile phones and tablet via Bluetooth and NFC, and is resistant to water splashes, while rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours.

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sculpt set

From time to time, some new ergonomic keyboards and mice appe  for which their manufacturers claim to represent the most perfect periphery that keeps our joints healthy and allows for long work sessions or playing on the computer.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 21:16

Acer gives up on Thunderbolt


Acer gives up the Thunderbolt interface in favor of widespread USB 3.0. According to the official announcement, Acer in the recent line of computers no longer intends to implement Thunderbolt, but also wants to focus their attention to fast USB 3.0 interface.

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first mouse

Doug Engelbart was working on improvement of the computer interface more than 40 years ago, and what he came up with is the invention by which we will remember him, the computer mouse.

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