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Internet Explorer still the most popular browser

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Data that was recently announced by Net Applications, shows that all Internet browsers still hold their place in the standings and seeing the comparison in the past 11 months, data shows that Internet Explorer has recorded a growth from 53.63% share to 56.61%, while Firefox fell from 20.08% to 18.29%, and Google Chrome with 18.86% slightly stumbled to 17.76%.

Microsoft's browser is so despite predictions of a part of the analyst a year ago, recorded a constant growth, while with Firefox and Chrome we observe fluctuations, the ups and downs, which eventually ended up in the red. Likewise, although some analysts predicted that Chrome will overtake Firefox by now, it did not happen, although the differences are very small.
As for the version of the browser, IE 8 is the first with 23.52%, but IE10 has had tremendous growth and is now second with 15.36%. Firefox 22 is sat in third place with 11.67%, while in the fourth we see Microsoft again and IE9 with 9.69%. Even the ancient IE 6 still holds in the rankings of the most popular browser, with 6.10 percent. This increase in the share of Internet Explorer is good news for Microsoft, which will surely try to „blame“ Windows 8 for this, and the new forecasts indicate that IE will record even higher rise once the IE101, that is already included in Windows 8.1., arrives at the market.
Even though it is a general opinion that there is no person in this world that uses IE, as we can see the situation on the mass market is completely different compared to the "geek market". Most people are satisfied with getting the „default" browser that is provided with Windows and that is the real market situation.

[Ed - Of course this all might be nothing more than just the install base of IE and not the usage. Many people have multiple browsers on their systems, but as IE is not exactly simple to remove from Windows so it remains installed and is often captured in these types of studies...]

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