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What to expect from CES 2012 Part I

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CES-logoThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 kicks off in three days. At that time a multitude (you might even call it a plethora) of consumer electronics companies will head to Las Vegas in an attempt to get the masses that attend interested in their new products. Amongst the many regular attendees will be purchasing agents from big companies like Best Buy, Fry’s Target and many others. Sandwiched in there as well will be various media outlets from the Internet, Print and even TV.  All of this will go to make a merry chaotic environment that will be difficult if not impossible to comprehend.

However, it is important to take a step back and look at what it being pushed at CES. This is a time when the market can be judged and the first two quarters of a year and be felt out. As it stands right now the theme for CES 2012 is once again Digital Entertainment; in particular mobile digital entertainment.

As anyone who has ever been to CES as a member of the press can tell you, as the show gets closer the emails start pouring in. We have been almost inundated with them since about two weeks ago. Now this is not a bad thing. These emails are all from companies that feel they have something important to show (every company does). It also gives a good feel for what the show is about.

If the emails are any indication there will not be a whole lot of new technology presented, but more of an improvement on existing technology combined with the software and support needed to drive this. Of great interest will be some of the new Smart Phones. There is already talk that HTC will debut their Tegra 3 based smart phone plus all of those rumors about Microsoft and a possible Xbox announcement.

Over the next two days (we fly out on Sunday) we will try to cover some of the highlights of what is being pushed as well as some of the hype that comes with CES. We will also talk a little about how some companies can get out of touch with their market and target audience. Check back later today for part two in this series… “What Celebrity?”

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